How to buy cheap Proxy 2022 – Proxy Philippines, US, Thailand, Vietnam

how to buy cheapest proxy

How to buy the latest cheap Proxy in October 2022 for those who specialize in using proxies to run Facebook, Google or Cheat Gleam ads and then create accounts on big sites like: Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, ..

I have guided a lot of articles about Proxy in the past, but the previous pages still have a lot of weaknesses and are called “temporary” use only. That’s why I found out how to buy a proxy where the price is reasonable, there is a good support team as well as a quality proxy that is not blacklisted or if so, it will be changed for free for you.

After a period of trying many parties from large to small, today I have found a place that fully meets the above factors to better support you in your work.


Simply put, the Proxy we use to Fake IP of our current machine and browser as well as use it to play multiple Accounts on platforms like Facebook, Google, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy,… without being detected as same user.

The current demand for Proxy is great because when we own many Accounts, our ability to sell or make money will be greatly increased, from which you always find a good source of Proxy to buy to buy. serve each individual’s work.


Currently on the market there are types of proxies such as: Static Proxy, Dynamic Proxy, Resident Proxy, Mobile Proxy, … and there are types like Proxy (https) and Proxy Socks5 are the most commonly used.

After a period of working with a lot of brothers buying Proxy, almost 70% of the brothers use static Proxy to serve their work. Static Proxy means that when you assign a Proxy to any browser, when accessing that IP, it will be fixed on the browser. For example, if you use to raise your Facebook nick to run Ads, it’s great and Facebook is very difficult to block you because the account is already stable on a certain IP.

So the website to buy proxy that I introduce to you today is a static proxy that is cheap but the quality is impeccable.


The weakness of the previous pages that I just introduced is that there are pages, the proxy is good, but there are few countries, there are many countries that the proxy is not as good. And this site alone Proxy stable that has all the countries, for example:

Japan Proxy
Philippines proxy
Vietnam Proxy
Proxy US , UK
Indonesian proxy
Thai proxy
Singapore proxy
And there are many other countries in the world.

Now follow the steps below to buy a cheap proxy.

Step 1: Visit website to buy proxy HERE
Step 2: Please change to ENGLISH language for ease of use

Đổi ngôn ngữ Proxy
Change Proxy language to English

Step 3: Start registering a new account by clicking on the word REGISTER

Đăng ký tài khoản Proxy mới
Register a new Proxy account

Step 4: Enter Gmail in the Sign Up box and click Sign Up to register an account

Bắt đầu đăng ký tài khoản Proxy giá rẻ
Start registering for a cheap Proxy account

Step 5: After registering you will Check Gmail to check mail and here this party will send information to login including: your username and password

thông tin đăng nhập Proxy
Proxy login information

Step 6: Next, you just need to use your Gmail information to log in to the Website Proxy by clicking LOG IN.

Đăng nhập vào trang mua proxy
Login to proxy page

Step 7: After logging in, the first step you will click on is the RED button to top up your account. There are many payment methods and you can choose 1 of them (Example: Webmoney, Visa, Mastercard )

Nạp tiền vào tài khoản Proxy
Deposit money into Proxy account

Step 9: After depositing money into the Proxy account, we start buying Proxy only by clicking on NEW ORDER

Tiến hành mua proxy
Proceed to buy proxy

The information fields you will keep are: Dedicated and IPv4 because I think this is the most stable type of use. As for the country, there are almost all countries so you can freely choose below. And in addition, we will choose some more information to complete the purchase of cheap Proxy.

Điền thêm 1 số thông tin để hoàn thành việc mua Proxy
Fill in some more information to complete the Proxy purchase

These parameters mean the following:

Quantity: The number of Proxy you need to buy is how many, just enter the number below
Period: How many days you need to use the Proxy, then buy it (Minimum is 5 days. This site is very good in this part because other sites only let you buy at least 30 days, so it is very inconvenient)

Step 10: After filling in all the parameters, you will see the amount to pay in the right panel and you will click PAY WITH BALANCE to complete the Proxy purchase (Specially, I give you a 5% DISCOUNT CODE to add come in: tIQl1HWAW8tCSBj5z62

Hoàn thành việc mua Proxy
Complete the Proxy purchase

Step 11: After purchasing the Proxy, it will appear in the Proxies -> All Proxies section

Truy cập vào Proxy đã mua
Access to Purchased Proxy

Step 12: After accessing, you will see the Proxy information as shown below and use all this information to add to the browser or other tools on the market and use it.

Especially: This site is good at one more point is to provide you with both HTTPS Proxy and Socks5 Proxy information, so depending on your needs, you can use whichever one is very convenient.

Thông tin Proxy sau khi mua
Proxy information after purchase

Here will display full information such as IP:Port:Username:Password as well as the country you bought and how much time is left of the Proxy.

In addition, this site also supports you to renew (or you can set it to automatically renew) which means you will use this Proxy forever if you find it delicious and want to keep it for continuous use. This part when you buy, I will guide you to use.


The above article has guided you in detail on how to buy the cheapest and newest Proxy in October 2022. You keep using this side because I have used many types of Proxy and found this site to be very stable, so I recommend it to you to use for my work.

In addition, I can support you how to change Proxy when being Blacklisted and so on, so when you have any problems, just contact me via Messenger for the best support, guys.

Wish you success and can see more best articles at website!


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